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Are you running an online business For an online business to do well in the competition? Well, then it’s really important to be well-aware of the core technologies involved in the same. However, the success of any e-commerce business is based on the platform it has its root in.   Now, if you count the number of these platforms on which most of the e-commerce stores are set up, Magento tends to be the one that dominates the rest. But, at the same time, in spite of being one of most well-established e-commerce platforms, Magento can still make you face an array of serious challenges.
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Работа в Украине
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Продакт-менеджер (СТМ)
Дніпро, Долфі-Україна, ТОВ
Програміст 1C, 6000 грн.
Київ, Комплексне управління бізнес-процесами, ТОВ
Консультант-бухгалтер (1С:Підприємство 8), 15000 грн.
Херсон, Бізнес-планування, ТОВ
SEO Specialist (PBN)
Київ, DexDigital