The Common Trials Faced by Magento E-commerce Stores And Their Solutions

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The Common Trials Faced by Magento E-commerce Stores And Their Solutions

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Are you running an online business For an online business to do well in the competition? Well, then it’s really important to be well-aware of the core technologies involved in the same. However, the success of any e-commerce business is based on the platform it has its root in.   Now, if you count the number of these platforms on which most of the e-commerce stores are set up, Magento tends to be the one that dominates the rest. But, at the same time, in spite of being one of most well-established e-commerce platforms, Magento can still make you face an array of serious challenges.

Magento is an exclusive platform used for creating both simple and complex e-commerce websites. It not only allows the online shop owners to craft unique online shops but also enables them to meet the specific needs of the customers. Nevertheless, the platform will not take much time to present certain challenges to the owners and hamper Magento services in the manner. When some of the challenges will not cause much harm, some can definitely make your website stop working. This blog is going to unravel some of the most common barriers one might come across during Magento development and how he/she can overcome the same.

Disappearing of products in the store-

Experiencing some of the products disappearing from the website is a common glitch faced by most of the e-commerce business owner. One may find them through the exact URLs of the products, but they might not come to the sight if accessed from the category view. So, what are the steps to be followed to solve the problem? First of all, you need to make sure that the products are in stock. Once they are out of stock, you might face a problem to display them on the site. In such case, you again need to ascertain the fact that the inventory configuration is in a perfect order with the out of the stock flag. Now, in case, you have uploaded the products manually, never forget to check if you have allotted them a proper category. To get away with the problem, the caches and indexes have to be up-to-date.

503 error

503  error is pretty common to experience while installing Magento extensions. However, you can easily solve the issue just by adhering to some simple steps. Before you try to puzzle out the exact issue, don’t forget to check with your hosting provider if the issue originates from its end. At first, bring into play FTP manager to access your Magento root installation and then ink out the maintenance.flag file. In case, you still experience the same problem, you can give it one more try by deleting the unwanted cache and sessions.

Invalid password

Even if you are absolutely sure that you are inserting the exact user ID and password, chances are there to show invalid details, in case your website failed to store cookies.As localhost is not considered as a real domain, the majority of web browsers do not store cookies for this domain and this is the reason why your login attempts to the admin panel fail without giving you any possible hint. Nevertheless, you can easily solve the error just with some simple steps. Editing the varien.php file in a certain manner would definitely help you in this regard with sending you a message about the completion of the installation process.

Installed extensions not getting laid out properly

Magento e-commerce development is not that easy as it seems. While using a custom Magento theme and you might face the problem of getting the extensions not being displayed on the front-end. Most of the time, such problems occur when the developers don't have an exact idea about which theme they are using. However, again this is not such a problem one cannot get away with. To sort this out, just make sure that the extension files are in their exact locations. You can just delve into the base and check out if there are any PHTML, XML or CSS files for the extension. Now, in case you find the same, don’t waste any time to relocate the files to the corresponding location in your theme. Also, delete the cache and check for the right extension output on the front-end.

Not getting your website on Google search result

Being pretty volatile in nature, the e-commerce platforms always tend to welcome new exciting trends from time-to-time. But, witnessing your own e-commerce platform performing at a slow loading speed might be a common incident to come across sometimes. To solve the issue, try to keep your site simple while updating it pretty often. Also, you should always avoid mediocre content, as this will make you attract fewer visitors. Last but not the least, using the most groovy and up-to-date practices of SEO will definitely help you with your goal.

Panacea Infotech is a leading Magento development company providing an array of exclusive solutions to design and program for e-commerce websites of diverse business ventures. So, if you want to hire Magento developer or are on the lookout for a nonpareil business assistance in this regard, waste no time of yours to contact us in a jiffy!


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