Share a code between React and React Native

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Share a code between React and React Native

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The idea of sharing the code between react and react native is great. Writing in one language and that can be deployed as a web app and a native app. However, because react native doesn’t utilize HTML to render the app, and instead uses custom components, the code sharing can’t be done right away. React native has a platform which allows it to load modules in a specified method. React JS and React native may both use the same business logic to collect order data and transfer it to backend servers or processing. On the other hand, there may be some differences between the two platforms. For instance, a mobile app might utilize a specialized API to retrieve the user’s location, but a web app might use the geological API (HTML5).

Concept and Explanation

Let us go through the concept of react and react native first. On the current platform basis, react native can load files, index files such as index.ios.html and, for example. When an app is running on an IOS device, react native will automatically pick up index.ios.html, and when its running on an Android device, it will pick up


The demand of the React native apps developers is increasing in the IT industry. The goal is to show you how to share the majority of your code between react web and react native applications. The slogan “write once, run anywhere” applies best here. Many software development services are available these days.

Code sharing technique

  1. Understand that there are a variety of techniques to share code between react platforms. Separating business logic into NPM packages that can be loaded by specific components is one option. Another option is to use a software development kit. SDK is a collection of tools, libraries, appropriate documentation, code, samples, and methods or guides that enable developers to build software for a certain platform.
  2. Another option is to construct a react. Component – extended JavaScript class.

Pros of React and React Native

React JS Pros

  1. In react, the virtual DOM (Document object model) improves the user experience and speeds up development. The document object model is a logical structure for HTML, XHTML, and XML texts. In easy words, it’s a viewing agreement on data inputs and outputs that takes the form of a tree. Layout engines are used by web browsers to transform HTML-syntax into a document object model, which is seen in the browsers.
  2. Allowing react components to be reused saves a lot of work. Another significant time-saving feature provided by Facebook with react is the ability to reuse code component from a different level at any moment. Consider designers who use the same assets all the time. They’d had to draw corporate logos over and over it they didn’t. it’s self-evident that reusing is efficient work when it comes to design. The process is a little more complicated in the programming. System updates can be a pain because each change can affect the operation of other components in the system.

React Native Pros

  1. The Fast paced development time is React Native’s main selling feature. Although react native lacks some solutions, it is built on JavaScript. You can save a lot of time by having access to large packages such as JavaScript provides.
  2. One of the major functions of react native is the creation of a mobile user interface. You’ll need to define an order of actions in the app while developing. Declarative programming is used by react native, therefore, such an order of implementing actions is no longer necessary. As a result, spotting bugs on the path a user takes in considerably easier. 
  3. Since React native is an open for all source JavaScript platform that allows development of framework, which is available for everyone. If a developer has a problem, they can seek help from the large community of developers.


React and React native are both extremely useful tools and it has made a dynamic difference in the IT industry. The future of react native development is somewhat still brighter and has more potential in terms of providing new programming frameworks.


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